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by Pebber Brown - Tuesday, 25 December 2012, 4:18 PM

Hello my name is Pebber Brown and I am the creator of this MusicHarmonyTheory.com online learning course and website.   I currently have over 35+ years experience teaching Guitar, Bass and Music theory in both private lesson and classroom settings.   I am currently on the faculty of the Music Dept at the University of La Verne as a Guitar and Bass instructor and am the director of the ULV Jazz Ensemble.  I am also now  enthusiastically working on a Doctoral Degree in Music Theory/Musicology at Claremont Graduate University!  


Please post your bio/info in this forum so we know who you are and what you do!  Tell us about yourself, your thoughts on music, music theory, musicology,  playing music,  learning music and what you would like to learn.   Feel free to elaborate as this is a "tight" community of like-minded people who can become online friends quite easily!